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Reacondicionamiento Fuente

Family farm Plots Project


More water and food for our neighbors


In July 2015 we took a new step, in our vision of being a pole for the development for Haiti, which begins with our more direct neighbours:
the community of Source Jean Jacques.
We posit a project to the “Fondo Chile”:
Family plots as a means of food security for the Community of Source Jean Jacques, Aquin - Haiti.


This project provided the community with new wells, spring water, use of rainwater and orchards producing good quality vegetables.



An old yearning: more food and water for our neighbors


500 families living in extreme poverty make up the community of Source Jean Jacques, its population is mostly illiterate and unemployed. Their survival and, particularly their feeding, depended exclusively on a rudimentary agriculture

Organic agriculture

Organic agriculture


We are working to generate a cultural change,to enable the sustainability of the project results over time


mamá de Loló
madame Chantal
New Water sources
Ancla 1

New sources of water

Spring  water
Good fruits
Learning by doing
Hard work

This project has been funded with support from Fondo Chile contra el Hambre y la Pobreza (Chile Fund Against Hunger and Poverty), a joint initiative of the Government of Chile and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


La Casa del Señor

Thanks to the support of Fondo Chile and everyone's efforts, we could directly impacted the food security of the inhabitants of Source Jean Jacques through giving them access to water and to a more productive agriculture, with high nutritional value vegetables.


59 families received their nursery tables and their family plots were properly fenced. Some plots have 50 Sq m and others of 100 Sq m, totaling nearly 3000 Sq m of land to be planted and where they can harvest their own vegetables.


130 farmers were trained and 55 of them, mostly women, produced their own vegetables during the project period. Some of them have sold their production surplus in the local market, which works every week at Aquin´s downtown.


70 families have a rain water harvesting system installed at their homes’ roofs. To this, a communitarian rain water system was added. Besides, over 300 meters of stoned ditches were built plus approximately 640 Sq m of stoned wide channels. This constitutes a system that channels the rain water towards ravines where its infiltration is favored. Likewise, 33 stone dams were built in ravines, to lower the rain water speed along ravines in order to favor its infiltration.


Thanks to the rain water management and the recovering of the local spring, together with the drilling of 3 new water wells, Source Jean Jacques is now plenty of water, which makes it a privileged zone in Haiti.

Project main results
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