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Mission Team

Mission Team

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 Paulina Rodriguez  

Each one of us at the missions team, participates with zeal, knowledge and skills, reaching our visionary projects goals.

The Mission

We are a mercy mission from
The House of the Lord church (La Casa del Señor), of Santiago de Chile. This mission was established in the city of Aquin, Haití, in May 2012, reaching the poorest children in their needs. Shortly after arrival, we were struck by the widespread poverty of the countryside communities, and our vision expanded to help them with development projects, as to improve their
families quality of life.

Mission Team
Mission Team
The Mission
Our history

Our church history in Chile

Founding pastors Tomas and Paulina were sent as missionaries to Chile in 1982, after graduating from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, by their home church in Virginia, USA.

Accompanied by their three small children, they started preaching in a home in December.


The work expanded rapidly, presently counting with three congregations in Santiago, churches in several cities, a Seminary located in a beautiful countryside retreat center, a Christian Psychology and Counseling Center. All congregations have outreaches to hospitals, nursing homes, jails, and ministries to the poor and needy in their cities. 

Founding pastors:
Tomás Gutierrez 
 Paulina Rodriguez  

In 1986 Paulina started the first christian school in Santiago.

By 2016 La Casa del Señor has three schools in Chile and one in Aquin, Haití. Also, Paulina has developed a christian education system for implementation in the schools, and written children books to help teachers form Christ's character in their students.


The church La Casa del Señor established a mission in the city of Segovia, in Spain, in 2009, counting with a growing congregation and a ministry which impacts with the gospel of Christ even surrounding cities.


In May 2012 The House of the Lord (LCS church), under the leadership of Paulina and a small group from the congregations of Chile, they established a mission to open an orphanage in the countryside near the city of Aquin, Haití. Struck by the poverty and destitution of the surrounding rural communities, their vision expanded by the grace of God, to incorporate development projects to bless those poor families.


After three years, our missionaries have proven to be a blessing to those communities. Because of good working relationships with the USA ministries SAMARITAN PURSE, and WATER FOR LIFE, they have been allowed by the Lord to provide water wells for the needest in those communities, and also manage a development project for family farm plots, as well as rainfall water captation for their homes, and organic farming techniques.

Haitian Team

Do you know out Haitian Team?


Some of our neighbors from the community work with us: with the children, in maintenance and in agriculture.


Our vision includes sustentable development projects, in areas such as : organic farming, solar energy, raising of livestock, water, both from deep wells and rainfall. 

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